Boycott for Equality
Boycott for Equality

History and archives of the human rights project carried out in 2004

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Lesbian & Gay Rights Now!!Our goal is to show the American people that GLBT people are important members of their community. Because so many of us are in the closet, the way to show our impact is to drop out of the economy to show that we are vital contributors and citizens and deserve fair and equal treatment like all members of society.

Why are we choosing a "boycott"?
A boycott offers an opportunity for a silent protest that can be measured in dollars. It does NOT require you to "come out". People don't even have to know why you aren't going to work that day unless you choose to tell them. There is no risk for you. We must make our presence known in this country. Many people don't even think they know a gay person. Our job is to make that clear on Friday, October 8th, 2004.

How can I enjoy the day? No Shopping?!
Spend the day in your homes with friends and family who support you. A boycott means no purchasing or spending. No going to restaurants or movies. No malls. Stay home and tackle that home organization project you have always wanted to start.

How will this really have an impact?
One thing is certain in the United States -- money talks. When productivity and the "bottom line" are in jeopardy, the people in power take notice. This is how we get businesses and politicians to change policy. We are working on tangible ways to measure the impact.

I am a gay business owner -- isn't this hurting me?
Closing for one day can have a short-term cash flow impact, but your patrons will hopefully be boycotting as well. You know that your customers are loyal to you -- closing for the day demonstrates your loyalty them.

What if I am not out of the closet and I don't want people to know I am boycotting?
The beauty of the boycott is that you don't have to tell anyone why. We will do that. Instead, you can take a day off or call in sick -- follow whatever your heart tells you to do. Then make a quiet protest by dropping out for the day!

I can't see how this will work. . .
We can only have an impact if we get the word out and participate. Imagine the discussions that will occur if there is a significant amount of press leading up to those two days. Imagine if Broadway shut down for the day. Imagine if brides could not find florists for their weddings for those days. Imagine if people could not get appointments to get their hair cut that day. Imagine law enforcement officers not on their normal patrols. Imagine the conversations in classrooms at schools across America if teachers and principals didn't show up to work that Friday. Imagine the discussions in Board Rooms and at the water coolers in corporations all over the country if major players don't show up. Imagine the power that gays and lesbians who, for personal reasons, have chosen to stay in the closet will feel by quietly participating in this boycott.

Who is organizing this?
We are a gay couple that has been together for almost 10 years -- longer than many heterosexual marriages. We felt profound sadness and anger when our president decided to support the writing of discrimination into the United States Constitution. We have moved across the country together when our jobs required it. We own a home together. We live our lives together. When one of us dies, we want to get the other person's social security just like heterosexuals. If one of us goes into the hospital, we want the right to make life or death decisions for each other without having family members who have disowned us because we are gay jump in to make those crucial decisions. We want the same things all other Americans enjoy.

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